Mornings With Him

I recently got a new camera and me and my boyfriend haven’t gotten tired of playing with it since. I love being able to take photos with someone I can be so comfortably sexy with and I think he brings it out in me. Definitely beats shooting with random photographers! The playfulness of being able to roll out of bed and take pictures without thinking its a job or spending hours in full hair and makeup makes me remember why I love modeling so much and how much fun it is for me.
Wearing Calvin Klein.


I’m very excited to finally have started my blog. Although I get to share so much through my Instagram, a photo just isn’t enough for those who want to know where I get my clothes, what my beauty secrets are, and what my favorite travel destinations are. My blog is a true depiction of the things that move me, fashion and traveling. I wanted to have a platform where I can share my experiences and inspire individuals to follow their dreams. I’ve always been the type of girl to try and motivate my friends into going after what they want, and through my blog, I’d like to inspire women in particular to go chase their dreams and go on the journey with me. If any of you have any suggestions or things in particular you would like to see on my blog, feel free to email me at

At the end of the day, I am just an ordinary girl who tries to make the most of what she’s got. I hope to instill that positivity into the girls who visit my page. Like many of you, I still ask my self the same question I asked myself everyday since I was in elementary school; “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and thats okay, because until then I am experiencing the best things life has to offer me. Like John Lennon once said,

Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans”